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Week #5 - Summer 2023 Litter

Weekly Litter Update - July 13, 2023

This is a big week here at O&M! Saturday is selection day, and we are excited to see which puppies those on our waitlist will choose.

We're gradually weaning the puppies off mom's milk and on to puppy gruel this week. The puppies enjoy learning how to eat their "big kid food." In addition, we're beginning to introduce some "alone time" for the puppies, and they are all doing so well with this.

The puppies are all playing and interacting with each other, and it is fun watching their personalities blossom.


Puppy Weight Tracker

During the first two weeks, we weigh the puppies twice a day. After that, we transition to a weekly weigh-in. The chart below only displays the average of the two weights for that day. Because the puppies are so small, weights are taken in ounces.


Puppy Proofing Your Home

Preparing your home for your new puppy may seem like a daunting task, but it's actually quite manageable. By taking steps to puppy-proof your home, you will ensure your puppy's safety and protect your belongings.

Your puppy will be very curious and will want to explore her new environment. As her caretaker, it is important that you ensure her safety at all times. For the first few days in her new home, we suggest keeping her on a leash. A 20-foot leash provides ample space for exploration while allowing you to maintain control. If your space is smaller, a 10-foot leash may suffice.

The first few days in a new home are critical, and your puppy will require a lot of attention. Whenever you cannot directly supervise her, make sure to place her in a secure area, such as a crate.

Although constant supervision is the best defense, accidents can still happen. This is where puppy-proofing comes into play. By removing any items that can fit into your puppy's mouth, you will help keep her safe. Small toys, like Legos, can be especially dangerous. Additionally, make sure to keep items with small batteries out of reach.

Walt Disney once said that to truly understand a child's perspective, you must get down to their level. The same applies to puppy-proofing your home. By getting down on your hands and knees and examining your space from your puppy's point of view, you will be able to identify potential hazards that you might otherwise overlook.

To assist you in puppy-proofing your home, we have provided a checklist that you can download and print. As you go through your home, make a note of any items that your puppy should not have access to and either relocate or secure them.

By taking the time to puppy-proof your home, you will ensure the health and safety of your new furry friend. Download our puppy space checklist to help get you started!

Puppy Space Checklist
Download PDF • 139KB


Important Dates

June 8, 2023 - Litter Birth Date

July 15, 2023 - Selection Day (this Saturday!!)

July 20, 2023 - First Vet Visit

August 5, 2023 - Pickup/Delivery

The selection day is coming up soon, and we've sent out a link containing individual puppy bios and pictures to those on the waitlist.

Also, please note that the puppies will receive a microchip implant during their first vet visit. Please let us know if you prefer that we not microchip your puppy before July 19, 2023.



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