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Exciting Updates from Oak and Magnolia

Special Update - December 13, 2023

We hope you all are well and getting ready for the Holidays. We're thrilled to share with you some exciting developments at Oak and Magnolia, and introduce you to our new venture, 3E Breeding.


Launch of 3E Breeding

We are super excited to announce to the launch of our new company 3E Breeding (! After nearly 600 days of research, writing, and re-writing, we've published a series of books/workbooks aimed at helping breeders manage their litters more effectively.

Although the content might not directly apply to you, we'd love your support in spreading the word. Please consider following our new Facebook page and liking our posts.

Our journey since starting Oak and Magnolia has taught us many things. We recognized that there was an unmet need in the industry and have crafted three books to bridge this gap and hopefully be a help to someone else.

Our Daily Planner, is a meticulously designed tool acting as a daily checklist for breeders managing litters. This planner is invaluable, especially for programs overseeing multiple litters, ensuring all critical daily tasks are accomplished.

Our Litter Logbook is an essential record-keeping tool that allows breeders to maintain vital records efficiently and in a easy to store method.

Our Guidebook is a comprehensive manual which serves as a field guide, elaborating on topics introduced in both the Logbook and Daily Planner.

You can view our Facebook page here:


Future Litters and Our Breeding Program

Looking ahead, we're excited about the prospect of having two litters next year. The interest has been overwhelming, and we're nearing full reservations for both litters!

We're diligently working to expand our program by adding more females, adhering to our stringent selection criteria. It's a challenging process to find dogs that meet our standards for genetics and temperament, but we're working hard to source more females that we can introduce into our program.


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's

We won't be sending another group email this year, so we'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year now! May you enjoy a wonderful time with your loved ones.

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