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Our Breeding Program

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At Oak and Magnolia the health and safety of our breeding dogs and their puppies is paramount to every decision we make. We are regularly consulting our reproductive veterinarians and implementing best practices based on careful research and advice. 

We have tested all of our dogs extensively and are committed to continued review of all of our dog's health and will only breed dogs that have cleared our rigorous testing standards.

At Oak and Magnolia we believe that the decision to breed dogs comes with a lot of responsibilities. Responsible dog breeders properly house, feed, and care for their dogs. They provide proper socialization for their puppies, and go to great lengths to screen prospective buyers, and place their puppies in good homes.


We also believe that responsible breeders have a great relationship with a veterinarian that specializes in reproduction. Responsible breeders are committed to identifying and minimizing health issues. This goes beyond providing routine vet care, providing puppies with their first shots, and having a health warranty (all of which are important); it includes, taking actions up front to minimize inherited diseases through rigorous testing both physically (i.e. OFA testing) and genetically (via DNA testing).

In addition to strict health standards. We are committed to working with our puppies to develop strong social skills (ENS and ESI), advanced crate introduction, personality assessments, and early house training introduction. We also utilize anxiety reduction methods to help ease the transition of our puppies to their forever homes (i.e. shared Spotify playlists for bedtime,  Snuggle puppy options, etc.).

Remember, all puppies are cute, but not all puppies are healthy. Purchasing a puppy without investigating and asking your breeder about their health and breeding standards may solve a short term want (i.e. cheaper price, coat color, gender, availability, etc.) but invite a longer term nightmare. 

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