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Our Adoption Process




Wait List



Congrats on getting half-way through the process! That wasn't too bad.

During this time it could be months, weeks, or days before the litter is born. In fact we keep our waitlist active until the puppies are about 5 weeks old.

We know the wait is hard! This is a great time to begin brushing up on your puppy knowledge with a few training videos or grabbing a few books at your local library. As we like to say often, preparation is half the battle of getting through the puppy stage!

During this time we'll be sending you periodic updates. Also, once the puppies are born, we'll send weekly newsletter updates full of pictures and helpful articles, and updates (i.e. puppy weights, vet visits, etc.). 

Next step, the BIG DAY! You get to select your puppy!

Next Step: Selection
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