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Our Adoption Process




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Whether you have chosen to pick-up your  puppy or have her delivered, this is a special day, and we're likely just as excited as you are. We love seeing the smiles on the faces of our families when they hug their new puppy for the first time. It is a wonderful time for everyone! 

At Oak and Magnolia we try really hard to build a community of Cockapoo lovers. We exist to support you and all the other families who love and enjoy their Cockapoo. 

Usually the day before we try to knock out all the "paperwork" side of things (i.e. purchase agreement; spay/neuter agreement; final payment, etc.) so that during the actual meeting we can all be focused on the puppy. 

Congratulation you've completed the process, but don't let this be goodbye. We love hearing from our families on how their puppies are doing. 

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