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Oak & Magnolia Stud Service

Currently, we are offering stud services exclusively through artificial insemination (AI). We collaborate closely with Dr. Hutchison and his exceptional team at Animal Clinic Northview in northeastern Ohio.


For those living nearby, we can arrange a meeting at Animal Clinic Northview for fresh, side-by-side AI with your female. If distance is an obstacle, we can ship fresh, chilled semen directly to your veterinarian. The collection process will be overseen by Dr. Hutchison's team, who will conduct a semen analysis to ensure viability. Following this, the sample will be shipped from their office to your vet.


Red Oak is a proven stud and we are confident in his ability. We promise that when you breed your dog with us, you'll get a litter with at least two live puppies. If you had a progesterone test and there's no pregnancy, or if the litter ends up being less than two puppies, we'll give you another chance to breed your dog for free during her next heat cycle.

Please contact us to discuss further details or to schedule a breeding arrangement at

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Meet Red Oak

Thank you for your interest in our stud, Red Oak. Redd is a purebred toy poodle named for his gorgeous deep red coloring. He is friendly, affectionate, and loves to snuggle.  He loves peanut butter, playing with his collection of stuffed animals, and looking out the front door. His favorite activity, however, is going on walks where he can visit with friends and make new ones. He is very quiet and calm, with a great temperament that would contribute positively to any litter!


12 pounds

13.5" tall

Embark genetics test (one copy of CDDY)


Coat Color and Pigmentation Traits

Dark or Light Fur: ee (light fur)

Red Pigment Intensity: High

Brown or Black Pigment: BB

Color Dilution: DD

Hidden Patterning: KBKy

Body Pattern: Ata

Facial Fur Pattern: ee

White Spotting: SS

Roan: rr

Merle: mm

Harlequin: hh

Coat Texture and Length:

Coat Length: LhLh

Coat Texture: CT

Shedding: TT

 Fee: $500

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